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Annotation, Show DimXpert Annotations

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Derek Eldridge

I'm having trouble viewing DimXpert annotations in both parts and assemblies.

I know of two places they need to be turned on:

1. in the feature tree, Right Click (RC) on Annotations:

2. under the Hide/Show visibility in the pull down, or from File Menu, View...Hide/Show

In a component;

- When I use "View Component Annotations" Nothing shows.

- when I use "View Top Level Annotations" some of the ones I select not to show in the Annotations in the feature tree also show.


In an assembly;

- When I use "View Component Annotations" DimXpert dims won't show, but a bunch of other feature dimensions do show, when turned off in the feature tree.

- When I use "View Top Level Annotations" Nothing shows.

- Parts are fully resolved.