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Custom Material_Glass

Question asked by Manivannan Panneerselvam on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by Tony Cantrell


    i like to Custom Material - Glass for Container glass simulation analysis,

1.Internal pressure stress analysis

2.Vertical load stress analysis

3.Impact stress analysis


I need the following information for my simulation - Can anyone else get this info for this material?

Elastic Modulus                          :        (N/mm^2)

Poisson's Ratio                           :        (N/A)

Shear Modulus                           :        (N/mm^2)

Mass Density                              :        (kg/m^3)

Tensile Strength                         :        (N/mm^2)

Compressive Strength                :        (N/mm^2)

Yield Strength                            :        (N/mm^2)

Thermal Expansion Coefficient     :        (/K)

Thermal conductivity                  :        (W/(m.K))

Specific Heat                              :        (J/kg.K)

Material Damping Ratio               :        (N/A)