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    Fast speed video gets auto deleted after render

    Chris Cunningham

      When I go to export an alpha fast render image sequence it works great when I don't edit the name. If I change the name prior to exporting with Visualize it will delete all the files after it renders(the images and video and folder). I can view the images being populated and even open and look at them while the rendering is happening but the moment it completes, it deletes everything.


      Is there any way of rendering the sequence with a different name? Or am I locked into the original save file name every time?

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Matt -

          I tried reproducing this using the image sequence for a Turntable render, opting to render only 5 frames as TIFF with alpha box checked, using Fast mode.

          I was not successful reproducing this bug.


          Could you please be a bit clearer with the render settings you used, so I can try to replicate?


          Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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              Chris Cunningham

              I have the time line set to 6 seconds at 60FPS. I noticed this glitch happens when I am working in 60FPS save the project, close out of Visualize then reopen and load the project. Then go to export and if it says 30FPS under export animation, i go back to timeline then hit 30FPS and re select 60FPS. This triggers the export to say 60FPS instead of 30FPS. Then change the save name to something else. Hit save in fast mode animation. While it is exporting all the frames, I can see them populating but something happens during the creation of the video that causes the program to delete all the frames and video.