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can API iepdmsearch7.launchapp be used as a user interface to return multiple files from vault?

Question asked by Ross Hazelwood on Jul 19, 2017

I am trying to write a macro that accesses multiple files across multiple folders given a name string such as "2012*DRW" and then batch process selected files in macro.

Ideally the search string would be macro provided.


There is a BrowseForFiles function which can return multiple files, and it works if all files are in one directory ( ours are not), or I can manually choose one of our simple search cards and manually put in the various search strings.

Is there a way to BrowseForFiles so it has already accessed a preferred search and fills in the default parameters?

-because manual use requires you to manually set the start folder, search string etc.


- I was hoping to open a search window in the root folder with the search results already run, and the user could then select which files to get latest etc, and then which files to select for the macro to process,


I thought I was almost there when I tried iedmsearch7.launchApp - it does indeed open a search window, and the filters are set perfectly, but there is no button at the bottom to allow you to actually select the files.  You can do anything standard with the files in the search window except return the selected items to the calling program - you even open them in solidWorks, or save as csv etc.


The search results always comes back empty when you close the window - i.e. get firstSearchResult is always nothing.   the picture below shows the entire window

There is no OPEN or CANCEL button, and I cannot find flags to turn them on.  It is hard to see why the purpose of launchApp unless you can return values or cancel.  I hope I have missed a trick,  as I was hoping to avoid coding a multi-column user interface for file selection.  Any ideas?