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Why should my company upgrade from SW 2013 to 2017/18?

Question asked by Jon Shubin on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by David Sloop

I'm trying to convince my company to upgrade our 2013 version of Solidworks to 2017 (or possibly 2018 if we wait a few months). I've used 2017 at my last job, so it really sucks using 2013 (I recently switched jobs). We only use the basic version of solidworks (parts, large assemblies, drawings), no circuits, fea, routing, etc.) I believe we have 13 seats of 2013, but we would probably only need 4-5 permanent seats and 1-2 floating seats


What I am looking for specifically:

1) Any time saving analysis/estimates (ex: assembly #14 takes x hours in 2013, but only takes y hours in 2017)

1b) Your experience upgrading to the new versions

2) Benefits you can think of or received from new versions (ex: Increased productivity, morale boost, tech support, etc.)

3) If you did NOT upgrade, what issues have you dealt with?

4) Honestly, any input on the subject. I haven't found any threads like this specifically.


Thanks everyone!