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    Saving solidworks drawing file in autocad

      Can anybody here suggest me any effective method to convert my solidworks drawing file to autocad file?

      I am trying to save solidworks drawing file as a dwg i.e. autocad file. Most of the dimension styles are not getting updated correctly & even resulting fonts are also not looking good.

        • Saving solidworks drawing file in autocad
          Dan Riffell
          I usually do a save as .dxf then in AutoCAD (or DWG Editor) do a save a s .dwg. Seems to work fine for me.
          • Saving solidworks drawing file in autocad
            Sven-Erik Nilsson
            When you do save as DWG, there is an option button and there you can select a Map file to use for the configuration of the DWG file.
            This file controls the styles of the different objects in the drawing.
            I enclose a file which we use. This file could easily be modified with a text editor.

              • Saving solidworks drawing file in autocad
                Thank you all!

                I tried the version of maping file for conversion for layers given as per Nilsson.

                It is working very handy with so many options to change.

                But now I am facing another issue as I am going ahead with the task. The thing is, I have changed component line font for 1 of the components in my assembly, as it is a referenced component for that particular assembly. When I use the maped file, it is considering the lines for all components (i.e. acutal contents of assembly and also the referenced components) as object line only. So, it is appearing same for both components (referenced and actual listed) in my dwg file. Problem with me is how to differentiate between the object lines for referenced components and object lines for actual listed components, so that it is easily identified by the maped file to show it different from each other in my dwg file with defferent line types.

                Can anyone please come up with any solution to this?

                Thanks all!

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                    Shaun Clough
                    We had the same issue. As you can only map one "object line" for visible geometry. The work around is to create a SW layer in your SW drawing with the line font you want and move everything you want onto this layer. Then when it exports to Acad it should be fine. Just make sure on your layer map window that you do not have "map only objects not on SW layers" check box checked.

                    Let me know if you have problems and I'll do my best to help you out.

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                      Stewart McKay

                      Were you able to sort this issue out using Shaun's explanation? Like you, Im experiencing the same issue. Using Shauns explanation Im still not able to sort this out. My reference lines still plot as solid edges. I created a layer in my solidworks drawing called "reference" set the color to grey and the line type to "phantom"....I then took the particular assembely's I wanted to put on my reference layer but using the change component font and set them to that layer...those steps were as follows

                      1. right click component

                      2. component line font

                      3.in the dialogue box I set the layer to reference and visible edges to phantom 0.0071 in.

                      4. click ok


                      Im wondering if Im missing a step or doing something wrong....any help would be appreciated