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Is Visualize a "plaything" or a profession?

Discussion created by Kevin Schlaepfer on Jul 18, 2017
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Welcome to my discussion


Am I engineer? Am I visualizer? Am I marketer? What are you?


I'm wondering how you are using Visualize... the reason to start this discussion was that I tried today to find a job description for myself. So I even don't know what I should call myself :-)

I'm involved in all engineering projects. Then I bring it with Photoview (and from today with Visualize) further to presentations with animations and pictures and short time before selling I publish the visualizations on online platforms and in brochures… next to it I’m studying Digital Marketing Management where the people are far away from knowing how a picture is produced.


Are you just playing around with Visualize? Are you engineer and using Visualize for your personal presentations? Or are you directly influencing or even running the marketing division?


I would like to know your positions with Visualize!


This picture describes very clear my position…