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Roll Formed vs Tapped Hole in SW2015

Question asked by Steve Calvert on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by Steve Calvert

I've been asked to change some tapped M6 holes (cosmetic threads only) on a model to rolled formed M6 holes.  I'm using SW2015 and I don't see rolled formed as a type of tapped hole.  Am I missing something (maybe because I'm using an older version of SW)?


Also, we have a 5.5mm cast hole (per standards) and when I go to add the M6 threaded hole, I get a rebuild error (The intended hole does not intersect the model).  Is this because the hole wizard uses the minor diameter of the thread?  I see that I can change the default dia in the hole wizard to something larger that 5.5mm and it works but is this correct?


Steve C