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    Saving a 3D PDF Template

    Aaron Godwin

      I'm trying to create a new format for a 3D PDF and it won't let me save it. I keep getting "Parameter is not valid". Am I missing something? Is there something I should be doing other than Save-As?



      And I'm not sure what this box is telling me, if I can't open in a alternate location why is that the only option?


      Also I can't even save the the standard one as a different name.


      Thanks in advance for the help....



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          Nick Pratt

          Hello Aaron,

          Do you mind elaborating on how you went about creating and
          attempting to save the 3D PD F template? That may help explain why that you
          are getting that message.


          Choosing to save to an alternate location may help. You can
          publish to 3D PDF templates you saved in a different folder as long as you tell
          SolidWorks where to look.  Go to

          System Options > File Locations > Show Folders for> 3D PDF Themes

          Then you can add a folder that you've saved 3D PDF templates to.



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            Aaron Godwin

            That's what it was. I tried the same thing on a different machine and had no problems.  Now I need to figure out why my setting where off and walk around the department and figure out where everybody else is looking.

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              Elisabeth Daley

              I am having the same problem, but setting the File Location doesn't help.  In fact, whatever folder path I choose when I try to save the template gets added to the list, but then I get the error message.  The folder is created, along with a preview.bmp file, but nothing else.  Choosing an alternative location doesn't help.