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    Make dimension equal to related driven dimension.

    Ivan Kharpalev

      Good day!

      I came back to SolidWorks after a while and stuck.

      I split fixed length into two cuts d1 and d2.

      d1 + d2 = fixed

      make d1 driven

      make d2 = d1

      expected: d1 = d2 = fixed / 2

      (It works this way in Inventor)


      yes, here constructional geometry with 2 equal cuts solve the problem.


      But does this approach work in SW in general?
      dim eq driven dim.jpg

      Thank you so much for any response!

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          Habib Ghalamkari

          You have a fixed dimension, a driven one and another one which is calculated based on the driven dimension.

          You lack a driving dimension.

          and it's where your calculation fails.

          It's called Potential Circular reference.

          All dimensions are locked or driven.

          You need a driving dimension to decide where your circle is placed, then the other dimensions can be calculated based on the driving one.


          Right click d1 dimension and make it driving.

          then you can double click it and change it to be half of the fixed dimension.

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            Rob Edwards

            Hi Ivan


            I have to use driven dimensions in equations and it can cause problems if you're not careful but this is behaving for me.  In your situation I think you want to do something more like this

            This however gives a circular reference warning, I would do this in 2 sketches to remove the warning