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    Unbent problem

    Henk Weebers

      I nearly finished engineering my enclosure and was about to flatten the result. But without succes.


      The error message is "EdgeBent15 seems to have features that cannot be unbent".

      EdgeBent15 contains the upper flange (right upper side) originaly created with Edge-Flange11. Edgebent12 as well as EdgeBent13 and Edgebent14 have thhe same problem.

      Later on in the engineering process the lower part was cut out with Cut-Extrude8. Unfolding Edge-Flange13 (the lower horizontal flanges) is not a problem for unfolding..Knipsel.JPG

      It would be a pleasure if someone could help me.

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          Mike Helsinger

          I believe this is your issue.  You have some flanges that are too close to other edges.  Create small gaps in your sheet metal body where you are bending.


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            John Stoltzfus

            You can edit the Edge Flange Sketch, grab the end lines and move, then add a dimension to create a small gap like Mike Helsinger mentions..

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              Eugen Lupascu



              Why you make some many unfolds and folds with no operation between them?

              I can see you have some derived sketches or a single derived sketch. You make so many features. You can check the planes for the sketches.

              I think is something with the Sketck 119. I tested your part with Flatten activeted and I supress one by one the bends and the part flattens without long sides.


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                Dean C. Hall

                Your main issue is some how with these two Edge Flanges.  I'm not sure quite what yet. But i edited the flange profiles, 5mm shorter on each end and it unfolded (flattened).

                (Shortened flanges)

                Flat Pattern completed...

                I believe it is something with the corner reliefs around the top flanges.  since there is multi-directional bends (if that makes sense) from one corner something was overlapping (fusing together) and not letting it unfold. When i opened your file and tried to unfold, I got two errors "The bend may be fused with another bend". Traced them down to the flanges i edited and "Presto!" flat pattern.