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    Linking to sheet names

    David Brandwood

      Not sure this is possible but I'll ask. Is there a way of linking sheet names to text in a drawing? What I'd like to do is put a note in a drawing which says which sheet the item is detailed on. So for example, I have a sub-frame which secures a tank and a small pump, this in turn is bolted to a main skid. What I want to do is add a note which which says "SEE 'ShtXX'  FOR DETAIL"  for example. the idea being as I add sheets or move the order around the note would update automatically.


      I know there's the  $PRP:"SW-Sheet(Sheet Name) but that only gives me the name of the sheet I'm on, so 'Sht1' Would be the main sheet showing the completed skid, that's what I'd get in my text, not the 'Sht4' for example where the tank sub-frame detail would actually be. I could be missing something or doing it wrong I admit but then, that's why I'm here