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Drawing dimension for equally spaced features

Question asked by Paul Taylor on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Paul Taylor

Hi, I work for a UK company which tries to use BS 8888 for its drawing standard where possible. One of the dimensions we like to use due to the nature of some of our work is the equally spaced feature (below) where you show "the number of pitches" x "the pitch" (= "total distance") as below. The dimension does have a problem in that only the total distance dimension is a true dimension. We can live with this as we check our drawings and we always double check these dimensions, but when we do holes like this that are subject to a geometric positional tolerance, we need to box "the pitch" dim, but if we select the basic dimension option it will only box the "total distance" dim as its the true dimension. We can sketch a box around the required dimension, but its not very good as we cant attach the box to it. Is there anyway we can do it from the dimension itself? We'd accept boxing the whole dimension.