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Joint Calculation Errors During Static Simulation of Tubeframe Chassis w/ Fillets

Question asked by Spencer Beckman on Jul 17, 2017

Hi All,

I am having quite a hard time getting my tubeframe chassis to perform correctly in a static model simulation.  I am attempting to conduct a torsional rigidity test, and have no problem testing the model without any bent tubing, but when I try to run the model w/ bent tubing the joints never calculate correctly!  This is throwing off the mesh and doesn't allow the test to work.


Would love to hear some feedback!





Model w/o bent tubing that works fine:

No FIllet Model FEA Works.png



Model w/ bent tubing that doesn't work:

Model w fillets FEA doesnt work.png


Closeup of miscalculated joints (look at the top of the A-pillars where the windshield meets the roof, 1 on passenger side and 2 joints on driver side.  Should be 3 on both sides.)

Edit Joints Window Top of Windshield.png


I have attached both frame versions and would be very grateful for a push in the right direction!