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    Mesh creation failed

    Theo Van Aert



      i am trying to do a study about a quite complicated assemble.

      But every time i try to mesh and run i get this error (see attachment)


      When trying to do a mesh, what thing in my assembly should i pay close attention to so that it it possible to mesh?

      I've tried doing a finer mesh and i have used the different mesh parameters

      or what could cause this error to appear?


      Thanks in advance

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          Hi Theo,

          If you could post your model, it would be easier to troubleshoot. But you can try the followings:

          -Use curvature based mesh instead of standard mesh

          - Increase global mesh size and use more refined mesh

          - apply mesh control on those failed entities / components found by mesh failure diagnostic

          - If using sell/beam/solid combination, apply mesh controls at contact locations

          Please let me know if it helps.


          - Siavash

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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Theo,

            As a general recommendation, to help meshing be a bit easier, if you have a Global Bonded definition in the study go to it and edit its definition.  Within that you will see an option to select "Incompatible Mesh".  This will allow the system to mesh each body individually before constructing them  all together into a final mesh to analyze.  This tends to make it a bit easier to mesh than the alternative option of "Compatible Mesh" as this option forces adjacent touching bodies to mesh with corresponding mesh nodes/elements and can make a large/complex assembly time consuming and difficult to mesh.


            If you change that option and it continues to fail to mesh try the mesh control technique outlined in this video (GoEngineer - Simulation: Mesh Controls) which can help further.

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              Siavash Khajehhasani

              As Ryan mentioned, you may want to also try to use incompatible mesh which may be the easiest way to overcome the mesh failure. However, I'd recommend it as the last resource. Please also note that if you're willing to use incompatible mesh, check the more accurate option as depicted below to prevent sacrificing too much on numerical accuracy.

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                Theo Van Aert

                I tried the different settings like you suggested. And at first it didn't work.

                So I just deleted the whole study and made a new one with curvature based mesh, finer mesh settings and incompatible mesh. Somehow this worked...

                So thanks for the replies Siavash Khajehhasani and @ryan dark !