Joe Schmoe

2007 to 2009 upgrade activation issues?

Discussion created by Joe Schmoe on Jan 8, 2009
We currently have five seats of 2007. All five seats were installed using the same installation discs, serial numbers, and registration codes. Now we want to upgrade to 2009 and I'm concerned that we might have issues during activation.

Will it be good enough to enter new serial numbers in the installation manager startup box, or should we completely uninstall SW to clear the registry and then reinstall 2009 from scratch?

Also, we only recieved four 2009 upgrade kits from SolidWorks (instead of five). Any problems with using the same disc to install the upgrade on two different computers? We would still input different serial numbers for each installation.

Thanks in advance. I'm no CAD manager and I want to make sure the upgrade is as painless as possible.