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    DraftSight Free won't load past splash screen

    Nick Gibson

      Having trouble installing draftsight on a laptop. Downloaded draftsight and it install alright but after installation, when it goes and tries to launch the program the splash screen will pop up and then it closes. It doesn't even get to the registering screen were I can put in my email. Its a brand new laptop running windows 10. I don't think it has anything to do with the internet connection that I've read about only because I've put it on all our service guys laptops and my own and it runs. Anyone know whats going on. I've even tried earlier versions and it still does the same thing. After uninstalling I've ran ccleaner to clean up the registry for a clean install and it still does it. I've updated the graphics drivers... kinda at a loss here.

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          Michael Lord


          Have you tried to run as Administrator.

          Set via Properties>Compatibility Tab.



          We had one the other day that wouldn't register and did a similar thing.  Run the Program as Administrator gets around some strange problems!

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              Nick Gibson

              I did try to run as administrator which didn't have any effect.

              However as of now I believe whatever issue I was having has resolved itself. I came into work this morning and launched DraftSight and finally the registration box popped up. Was able to register and everything is working good now. I'm almost thinking that the site that it goes out to give you the registration pop up on the initial run was down, but that doesn't make any sense either only because I was able to install on another PC Saturday and I got the registration pop up. Who knows...

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                Stephen Santarossa

                Thanks Michael, that did it !!!

                Specifically, what I did was:

                -Found DraftSight.exe in C:\ Program files.... and set "Run as Administrator" in properties as Michael shows above.

                -disabled Kasperky antivirus

                -set User Account Control to minimum

                -double clicked on Draftsight -  got the activate screen, and typed in the info (as I had done dozens of times before)

                -this time, however, I got an E-mail back, to finish the activation.

                I had previously RMB the .exe file and hit "run as administrator", but for whatever reason, it did not work.