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    Pack and Go Idiot Here.

    Nick Day

      I've NEVER used this feature in 10 plus years of using SolidWorks.


      I just created a label with three configurations, and three separate special decals. Parts are finished and everything is fine with the parts, but when I insert the parts into the drawing, there's no image on the label in the drawing view. Visibility for Decals is enabled in the part AND the drawing.


      The decals and parts are in one folder.


      From what I have been able to find out, Pack and Go might be the answer to my problem (getting the decal image to appear in my drawing).


      I've tried the Pack and Go command, but I keep getting an error message telling me the files are in use by SolidWorks............what am I doing wrong.....besides everything.

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          Matt Camacho-Cook



          I know I'm not answering your question about Pack and Go telling you files are in use, but have you tried embedding the decals into the part files?  See Option 3 here: http://www.cadimensions.com/blog/item/128-how-to-keep-your-decals-attached-to-the-model



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              Nick Day


              Thanks, but I followed the instructions on the blog and re-attached or re-inserted the decal and the decal image still does not show up in my drawing.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Always pack and go into another directory if you can and never ever in the same source folder..  Pack and Go is to make a complete new part/assembly/drawing without any links or relationships to the original component etc...  When you setup the pack and go, look on the right side of the dialog box, un-check any interchangeable component that is used in another assembly, you don't want 2 or more of the same part in your system.  Use the Select/Replace button and add a prefix or completely change the part numbering system.  On the top there are additional check boxes, check what applies, then save to a Zip File and again - in another directory if possible...


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                      Nick Day

                      Thanks for the help, but all I had to do was to select "Shaded" drawing views. Decals are visible in the drawing now.

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                        Dennis Dohogne

                        I know that Nick has a solution to his problem, but I want to add to what John is saying about Pack and Go.  A few of the most powerful, and oddly, least used features of PnG is the ability to add a prefix or a suffix (options 1 in image).  This assures the PnG set of parts are distinctly different from your current project files.  I don't know how many times folks have not used this and then opened the PnG files from last week only to find them seemingly updated to (parts of) the current situation.  It turns out they had the current assembly file open or some of the currently changed components and when the PnG assembly files were opened they did not realize that SWX FIRST looks to see if any of the referenced file names are already open.  If they are then SWX uses them rather than look into the location of the PnG files.  So now they have a PnG assembly file that is linked to the current part/subassy files rather than the PnG versions of those files.  If the prefix/suffix option had been used then they could have both the current and old versions of the project open for any comparison they wanted to do.

                        I marked two other sections to point to options that are too often not very well utilized.  These are particularly valuable when sending a whole project to someone outside of your company.


                        Sorry to hijack the thread, Nick, but I'm just striking while the iron is hot.