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Network Rendering Not Working?

Question asked by Billy Wight on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Matt Hendey

This is all in SW2016 SP5:


I'm trying to enable network rendering, but am having issues. I've installed the client on my workstation, my server, and on my local machine, but when I preform a render, it only uses the local machine (whether the client locally is turned on or off). Blue squares show up on the screen like it's working, but never do anything. The orange squares eventually run over the blue ones and do the rendering locally. The clients can all see one another, but aren't being used. Some potential issues/notes:


  • They all show up as unlicensed. When I installed them I didn't enter a serial number, but later modified them via control panel and did enter the serial number. But they still show up unlicensed?


  • There are multiple lines that show up as ...=BUG! Which is disconcerting... Maybe this has something to do with it?


  • I get a pop-up message about potential Open GL issues when I start the client on both my file server and workstation. I suspect that this is because I'm accessing both via remote desktop from my local computer? I wouldn't think that this would be the issue?


  • I received a potential firewall issue popup when I installed to my workstation, but allowed access. I never got this popup on the server or local install, so I assume those ports are open? Which ports do I need to open (I can't seem to find this anywhere in SW help)?


  • All the IP addresses that show up in the clients are correct, so it's not an IP issue.


  • Local computer is Windows 10, workstation is Windows 10, server is Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.


Any ideas?