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Westport Yachts LLC is looking for Solidworks Joinery Designers

Question asked by Kent Keller on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Naga Ranjith Kumar Addagalla

Westport Yachts LLC in Port Angeles, WA is looking for Joinery Designers.  Good opportunity to learn and grow in cabinetry design and SolidWorks Modeling, PDM and PLM.


The actual posting does not mention Solidworks, but that is what they use.  They are aggressively hiring right now.  You can contact me for more details or go to the link below.  Might be better to get an insider perspective.  I have been working with Westport Yachts LLC for nearly a decade.  Plus, the Olympic Peninsula is sure a nice place to live.  


Kent Keller


Designer II or III - Careers and Jobs with Westport Yachts