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Cannot Mate Surfaces Curved Surfaces?

Question asked by Leon Whotton on Jul 14, 2017
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This thing is driving me up the wall!


Ahem, sorry i will carry on.


I have attached an assembly file showing a lifting beam, shackles and steel lifting ropes.


The problem that i am having is that i cannot seem to get a sufficient mate between the steel rope 'eye', and the shackle inside surface. Ideally i would like to have a surface to surface mate so i could swing the steel ropes around inside the shackle (in a Y-Z axis) so I can position the end shackle in the desired position free hand... so to speak.


I have tried all the traditional mates, i am just wondering if there is such a thing as a surface to surface mate?


Or am i missing something really obvious?


Any help would help me have a more enjoyable weekend.


Many thanks.