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Fillet "Keep constrained corners" broken?

Question asked by Nick Vande Waerdt on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2009 by Andy Fraser
I have recently moved to '09, and I suspect something has changed.

Here is the process: I create a Center Rectangle in a sketch, and fully define it for size (add dimension by clicking 2 lines) and location (to center point). Next I add fillets to all four corners with the "Keep constrained corners" option selected. Suddenly my sketch becomes a unconstrained mess. My dimensions are still in place, but my sketch has lost the relationship between my construction lines and my rectangle, so my rectangle is completely unconstrained. SW '08 added an "Intersection" relationship between the end of my construction line and my rectangle lines, but '09 appears to have lost that. I've attached a screenshot.

Anyone else noticed this? Am I missing something?