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Generate opposite hand version of entire assembly

Question asked by Gavin Vale on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by Sachin Murigesh

Hi all,


I have modeled up an outrigger assembly for a machine I am developing. Due to the design, I require a right handed and left handed outrigger model. I have generated the right hand sided one, but now need to create a left handed version. I have mucked around with mirror the entire assembly and selecting "Opposite Hand Version" for each component, but it hasn't really turned out the way I want.


What I would like is to mirror the RHS assembly and generate a stand alone LHS assembly that will update with any changes I make to the RHS file. I realize that this type of updating and linking between files is sometimes precarious.


Currently I have tried mirroring it in a new configuration, but I am not able to suppress the RHS components without flagging an error in the mirror.


Please let me know of any tips and tricks to achieving what I've described. If there are limitations to the methods, please let me know those too.


Thanks a lot!