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General Routing Problems

Discussion created by Janet K on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by Andy Hughes
Hello I'm new to this forum.  I've recently been assigned the task of learning SW Routing 2008 to incorporate in our engineering department and I'm having all sorts of troubles even though I've worked with SolidWorks ever since 1999. I've attached a picture of one of many ways I've tried drawing this bundle of wires hopefully all of you are able to view it; this is exactly how it's built in the real world.<br /><br />The structure of this particular assembly has been done numerous ways at this point l still don't see the advantage of doing it one way over the other.  Tried Importing from a From-To-List but then have difficulties orientating and placing mates on the connections first. So currently all the connectors have been inserted into an assembly then just the route is inserted in its own "RouteAssy1-<File Name> "assembly.  SW won't allow me to drag-n-drop move the connectors into the "RouteAssy1..." and <br /><br />There are 4 connectors, 2 duplicates on either side flip-flopped, when first doing the route layout my bundle looked more like a ribbon.<br />So each wire has been routed through a virtual clip that has multiple constraints to hold the wires more in bundle form.<br />Each connector has multiple connection points, 13 total (5 on one part and 8 on the other).<br />The wires have been assigned as needed as well as the pin indication, than everything gets saved.<br /><br />Here's where the problem starts (I think), I get disjointed route segment errors when I try to flatten the route.  Sometimes I can get it to somehow flatten, what looks like only part of the route and a drawing is automatically made but the flattened result is way out of whack and doesn't include the connectors. The other half of the time when I try and add a wire summary table from just a standard view of the "RouteAssy1..."  I get the message that the file name has an illegal character and the table will not be added.  When the route does flatten even if it is messy I can at least then get the wire summary table to show up and populate.  The part table (the one that indicates the pin #, wire name and color) of course doesn't show up either. <br /><br />Previously I've successfully created a flattened route from one route with "Y" on each end then was able to assigned many wires to it but then wasn't able to get the wire summary table to populate. Still no parts table or connectors show up, just the route.<br /><br />Has anyone else encountered these same problems and know how to help me through them? I've got a thin training manual that is more for the beginner steps and have accessed this forum for additional assistance.<br /><br />Thanks in advance,<br />Janet