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Model Land Topography

Question asked by Bruce Cox on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by Bruce Lane
I'm trying to model land topography. I traced a topo map image onto surfaces spaced at 10' elevations. I extruded the elevations into a solid for a visual but would prefer a single smooth surface. Any suggestions?

I was hoping to make 4 outside edge sketches by connecting the dots... then use a "filled surface" from the 4 sides... and use the traced elevation sketches for constraint curves. No luck, I can't even get a filled surface to span the 4 outside edges.

The next ideal (bottom picture) was to dice up the elevations into a bunch of sketches and try a loft. The way I'm doing it will probably take 4 hours with no guarantee of success... so I thought I'd stop and ask the experts.