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    Trying to set callout tolerance/precision with dimension style

    Alex Sully

      Here is the dimension that is inserted by default (2 decimals on all items[Thru Hole Dia.,C'Bore Dia.,C;Bore Depth])

      Lets say I want to have a standard call out that show it in this format (1 dec. Thru Hole Dia., 2 dec. C'Bore Dia., 3 dec. C'Bore Depth])

      I was under the impression that I could take this dimension (1)add/update it in the style drop down and (2)save it as a "style" and use it in other drawings

      So I did that.

      But when I went to reuse that "Style" on another hole it did not set the precision to what it was supposed to be.

      can anyone explain why this is happening or how do do this properly?