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Opening image/photo files in PDM Pro

Question asked by Alar Jogi on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Mati Link

Trying to open image (jpg, png etc) file in PDM Pro with windows photo viewer but EPDM has decided to open them in paint and also check-s out the files (I have never made paint as default photo viewer). Seems like it uses edit command on background or somethign similar.

Stupid part is that in windows explorer photoviewer works nicely.

Also in PDM Pro - right click - open with "windows photo viewer" works.


Cannot use windows 10 "photos" as this goes black if I want to change to next photo with arrow keys.


Also, quite stupid that preview window shows image files in actual size and is not zoomed to fit.


I have all of those or some of those problems with my colleague computers as well...

"black window" with "photos" is in every pc.


Realy appreciate if somebody can help.