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Display only 2D geometry in specific view of 3D-pdf (MBD)

Question asked by Dennis Beeren on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Dennis Beeren

Dear all,


At the moment we are testing Solidworks 2016 MBD.

When we are making 3D-pdf's from our 3D-views with the help of our 3D-pdf template, all views appear to contain 3D information. Since we are having some performance issues (we're using very large assemblies) I wondered if there is a way to define some views in the template as 2D-views only. I can image that if a view only has to contain 2d-info that it would improve the overall performance.


Maybe there is an option (that I've missed) to lock a view in the pdf, so that it only can zoom in and out and not rotate freely.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject?