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Registrations are opened for the 9th Weekly Power-User Challenge: Interface in Your Face - Video Competition

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jul 13, 2017

The 9th WPUC will actually take place over the remainder of the month of July. A separate thread will be opened on Monday, the 17th of July, for the actual challenge.


In order to participate, you need a camera (smartphone camera is OK) in addition to a workstation with SOLIDWORKS installed.

You will have to model a very simple part (3 new features maximum) with 2 configurations. This is not Modelmania, considering that you do not have any freedom on choosing which features to use. The part will look somewhat like this one.



The challenge is to get the model done the fastest way possible, using just a 3 button mouse and keyboard (sorry, no touch screens, no 3D mice, no tablets).

No macros are accepted.

You will set up a camera (or ask your friend to hold it) to record your screen, and your hands using the mouse and keyboard.


There will be various ways to get an award (I am open to other suggestions):

1. Freestyle: The fastest time to complete the model.

2. No Shortcuts Challenge: The fastest time achieved with no keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures, other than the "S"-key shortcut toolbar.

3. Elegance: The most elegant way to "use" the user interface. (subjective criterion, I know)


We have been blessed with extremely generous sponsors this time, so a 10,000 point purse is not out of the question. Maybe even more.


Other possible ideas: use only one hand, do it with your eyes closed, sit on your head while doing it, using a smartphone to access your workstation remotely, using SOLDIWORKS Online on a smartphone...


You could post as many videos as you want as entries, until the deadline. You will be able to post even after that, to beat the records, but no point would be awarded.


Now. Who has a camera and would like to give it a try?