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cant make a smooth surface

Question asked by Joel Rapoport on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2017 by Joel Rapoport

hello all,


im working on a machine design which is very curvy.

im trying to patch an area with a surface in a way that will be completely smooth.

i have tried all the surfacing methods that i know and i cant seem to get a smooth result.

here is the area:


here i tried to surface fill this area and the problems i get:


here is a furface loft and its problems:


and lastly, here is a surface boundry and its problems:


so you can imagine that i am in a problem here and not sure how to continue.

maybe the surrounding areas are the problem?

i know solidworks is very limited in good surfacing solutions but i have been working on solidworks surfaces for years now and was able to always find solutions to such problems.

i am not looking for a perfect C3 (i think they call it) surface like cars, just a smooth tangent transition that will not show the lines- this is for a high pressure injection molded part that will be mass produced.

by the way, im working on SW2016.


any help will be great guys,

thanks in advance,