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    Unwritten Pro's & Con's of Lightweight ???

    Dave Bear

      Hi all,

      I've been reading up on the use of assigning parts and sub-assemblies as lightweight within a main assembly. Whilst I understand than a major gain is load time, what I really want to know is if there are any downsides?

      For example, given that these parts are not loaded with all of their data in lightweight mode, could a newly inserted part into the overall assembly be successfully mated to a lightweight part, or would it have to be brought back to resolved?

      The main assembly is very mechanical (belts, gears, cams etc.), and although my belief is that a flexible part or assembly cannot be assigned as lightweight, can lightweight parts that are mated to flexible parts cause any problems I should be wary of?


      I'm basically just after any unwritten heads-up from anybody who uses lightweight a lot on mechanical projects before I proceed on my main assembly.


      Best regards,