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    Mesh and Run Errors

    Narveen K.

      Hi All,


      I have a major problem i cant mesh and run my solidworks part drawings.

      It says that my extruded cuts are causing the errors but i need them

      to make the volumetric mass under 2kg, Appreciate your help




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          Narveen K.


          error shown

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            Tom-Rune Jensen

            You should try to use symmetry, and probably curvature based mesh with very small elements since this part is very thin.

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              Gian Flavio Violi

              As Tom said, your problems are most likely around the fact that you have very thin features on the model. Even curvature based mesh won't be able to mesh it, it fails no matter how fine you set your global mesh settings.


              As someone who has quite a bit of experience in wheel design & structural analysis: Your modeling strategy is needing some work (you might wanna look at the picture below), that model won't mesh anytime soon. Start by creating only solid bodies, mixing "surfaces" and bodies isn't a good idea in general if you are a begginer, specially if you are running simulations. Also, I seriously doubt a 0.005mm thick aluminium profile will withstand the loads of a wheel.


              Your FEA model is in need of some work aswel. If you are trying to just create a stress plot with pretty colors, then don't change you simulation set-up, but otherwise I suggest looking at some literature about wheel design (there are tons of good options on the internet, including my undergrad thesis available in english if you google wheel design and my name).




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                J. Mather

                Edit:  Well I see others have come to the same analysis of the design while I was typing.


                Sketch1 is (not fully defined and using a (very) complex spline.  For FEA you might need to idealize your geometry.

                For DFM (Design for Manufacturability) I would use lines and arcs rather than expensive splines.


                Shell1 feature makes zero logical sense.  .005mm shell thickness makes even less logical sense.  What is the purpose of this feature?


                Sketch 5&6 is another unconstrained complex spline(s).

                Sketch 7 is unconstrained rectangle.

                Sketch 8 is unconstrained bolt circles.


                Sketch 10 is unconstrained - in what I call the "wack and hack" modeling method (generally violates all sorts of FEA and DFM principles).


                Sketch 11 is a complex and unconstrained sketch. It is almost always better to pattern a simple feature rather than a sketch.  Missing Tangent Relations?


                A slice through the part indicates impossibly thin walls and illogical cavities within the design.


                I recommend mastering the basics before moving to FEA.

                I recommend leaving cosmetic appearance textures to the end of the design, lest you create a pretty picture that fools yourself into thinking you have created beautiful geometry.



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                  Dave Bear

                  Hi Narveen,

                  Just to add my 2 cents worth to what Gian has slightly touched on, this rim would not take the inflated loads and pressures of any tyre. The rim bead edge is simply too delicate to even hold a tyre in place.



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                    Narveen K.

                    Thank you for your response(s)