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Using global parameters in sheet metal features

Question asked by Dominic Greco on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Vladimir Urazhdin

I'm a relatively new SW user but I've been using Solid Modeling for about 16 years. Before this I was using Inventor for  years and before that Solid Edge. So a lot of my questions will be trying to find the way that SW does something that Inventor does.


In Inventor I can start a part and then make a global parameter. Let's say I name it "SHROUD_LENGTH" and I give it a value of 31.75 in. In SW that is just as easy.


Later when I'm making a feature and it requires a sketch I can reference that parameter for a dimension. And SW lets me do that as well. What I'm having an issue with is using that global parameter in a sheet metal feature. I want to be able to change the parameter and have that sheet metal piece grow or shrink accordingly. As I stated, I can do this in Inventor. So I'm SURE this is possible in SW.


I make a Base Flange and the sketch uses that global parameter. No problem there.


But if I want the Hem to use that same Global Parameter for the length it will not allow it. I can enter the number in manually, under Type and Size in the Length dialog box. If I try to enter the parameter name like =SHROUD_LENGTH" it says that I need to enter a number.



What is the proper way to reference a Global Variable in a case like this? This is sort of a double edged question because I want to be able to use Global Parameters like this in other situations like assembly constraints