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    Holes in drawings are wrong size

    Adam Niemet

      Hey guys, first post here.


      I have created multiple sheetmetal parts with many #9 holes for 3/16" rivets. Originally the holes were #30 but I changed them all to either #29 for 1/8" rivets or #9 as previously stated. I created these using the hole wizard with simple thru holes, then later edited the feature to create larger holes.


      Now when I am creating my drawings a couple parts have incorrect holes displayed. For example, I have one part that has 3 hole groupings. In the model, all three groupings are #9 holes. However in the drawing 1 of the groupings has visually smaller holes. When I hover over the smaller holes the tool tip says #9 as it should, but when I add a hole callout it says the hole is .125". The weirdest part is that the hole was never exactly 1/8", it was #30 or .1285". 3 of my 7 parts are doing this. I have tried forcing an update, deleting and recreating the views, and starting a new sheet all with no luck.





      P.S. :  I am using SolidWorks 2014