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SOLIDWORKS SP4 EV - Closing Drawings

Question asked by Philip Lane on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Bill Dempsey

O Dear....We are testing SW2017-SP4 EV for stability / PDM Add-in improvements.

BEWARE ! We have come across a new issue where closing drawings causes SW to hang until the '...encounters an error and has to close' message.

and iti s happening 25-30% of the time. Pretty disastrous.

This is on Windows 7.

PDM Add-in does seem to be more stable but it's har to tell wiht this new problem causing crashes so often.

Really a poor show.


Also tried SW2017 SP3 on Win 10 LTBS......Again, beware.

The O.S. install itself is wickedly quick, with no bloatware, but I have always read that the GDI count was set to the max on Windows 10.

On the LTBS build, it is back to the Win 7 count of 10k.....I found after scratching my head a bit on what was causing graphical failures.

Am checking what an actual full Win 10 install is set to.