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    Attn: SolidWorks Forum Gawds, Please Fix the Link Pointing to "jiveon.com"

    Matt Finley

      The interwebs here are very, very slow to react. We have high throughput speeds but pages take a long time to start loading. When I click on the SW link it takes at least 5 seconds for the page to start loading. Same when I close something. (Sorry, just like to take every chance I can to vent about our crappy IT setup running everything (including Solidworks) over a PCoIP network)


      Anyway, there's a  link at the top of the forum page that says, wait for it... FORUMS!!!



      When you click on it, the link takes you to a Jiveon.com forum that looks like it was a test bed for something from 2 years ago.


      Can you fix this link so it points to this forum instead of the jiveon forum? Thks.