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Attn: SolidWorks Forum Gawds, Please Fix the Link Pointing to ""

Question asked by Matt Finley on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by Matt Finley

The interwebs here are very, very slow to react. We have high throughput speeds but pages take a long time to start loading. When I click on the SW link it takes at least 5 seconds for the page to start loading. Same when I close something. (Sorry, just like to take every chance I can to vent about our crappy IT setup running everything (including Solidworks) over a PCoIP network)


Anyway, there's a  link at the top of the forum page that says, wait for it... FORUMS!!!



When you click on it, the link takes you to a forum that looks like it was a test bed for something from 2 years ago.


Can you fix this link so it points to this forum instead of the jiveon forum? Thks.