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Trying to Use SW Weldment Profiles

Question asked by Dan Bovinich on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by Dan Bovinich

We don’t do weldments much. But we have a job now that needs them. Yesterday we downloaded the (9) weldment profiles zip from SW:



We use Enterprise PDM. So, to keep from having to install the weldment profiles on everyone’s individual computer, we thought we’d put them in our EPDM library folder. That way no one could change them and that they would be in a central location.


We unzipped the weldment profiles locally and dragged and dropped the whole folder into EPDM and immediately had problems. That would be that the weldment profiles have the same name files (but in different folders). Our EPDM settings will not allow duplicate file names ~ and we want it to stay that way.


You would have thought by now, 2017, this problem would have been solved by someone at SW? Either by EPDM or someone renaming the weldment profile files at SW? Our VAR had no solution, they just said to rename the files or turn on the check box that allows duplicate file name (no way!) Renaming the files is a lot of work.


Do we have to manually rename 100’s of files or is there something we can do in EPDM? (a setting maybe?)


We are on SW 2015 (EPDM & SW). 


Thank you for any help you may give us…