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Can PDM Templates be used to Create Folders and Save in different locations based on a PDM variable?

Question asked by Ben Medeiros on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Ben Medeiros

I'm trying to determine how/if I can use PDM to create and save a folder structure to a specific location based on a variable. The variable could be an auto-generated serial number that is used to assign the number of an ECO (Engineering Change Order).


Below is the folder structure that I'd like to automate shown in list format... the folder 'ECO 000001' is an example of the new folder I want the user to initiate using a PDM Template. Any ideas on how to use PDM to organize the folder based on the serial number?


  • ECO Folder
    • ECOs 000001 - 000500
      • ECO 000001
        • lots of ECO stuff...
      • ECO 000002
      • ...
    • ECOs 000501 - 001000
      • ECO 000501
      • ECO 000502
      • ...


Thanks for the ideas.