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    4k laptop screen trick

    Gordon Rigg

      I have posted before what a disappointment my win10  4k laptop screen has been because solidworks doesn't scale and lots of functions are almost unusable, and all different sizes.

      Well, here's an interesting thing...

      I installed HRC.exe from www.funk.eu which is a hotkey screen resolution changer. It is just driving the normal windows screen resolution commands though, I don't think its relevant to whats happening - just its a quicker way of changing resolution.

      Results were a bit strange to say the least...solidworks starting up in a wide shallow window when resolutions were chopped and changed.

      Now I have a sort of procedure as follows.

      Without solidworks running, change screen res to 1080.

      Fire up solidworks2016.

      Solidworks looks as expected and is use able.

      Now change res back to 4k.

      Solidworks continues at 1080, while all other applications run at 4k.

      I don't really know whats going on,  but this is working for me on a Dell Precision 5510 with 2047MB NVIDIA Quadro M1000M

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          Todd Blacksher

          Side note to Gordon Rigg

          How do you like that laptop? (It is currently in the lead among the choices for my next laptop.)

          Aside from the 4K "weirdness", is there anything that you really like/dislike?



          (I'm also looking at the "newer version" - Precision 5520)

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            Bernie Daraz

            Thank you for that update, now if someone could try the 'trick' with a 4K monitor on a desktop. I assume it would be the same and work as well.

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              Peter Cohen

              Could you please show us a screenshot?


              It looks like Autodesk has fixed the 4K scaling issue for Inventor. When can SW do that?

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                  Gordon Rigg

                  I'll have to do the screen shots tonight at home.

                  I looked at it again this morning, there was another step...


                  fire up laptop as normal in 4K

                  Set screen res to 1080 (using that app, or just the windows display settings)

                  Fire up solidworks - and it appears in a distorted window (half screen vertical full width with all the usual 4k overlapping text horrors).

                  Close that

                  Log out of windows and back in, screen res is still 1080.

                  Open solidworks and it opens looking good.

                  Change screen res back to 4k, and desktop and other applications start as expected, but solidworks continues in 1080 looking good.


                  As regards getting a 5520, just don't get the hi res screen. They come also with 1080 screen. you might have trouble specifying the M1000M card though as I suspect they fit that to drive the 4k screen. I picked up mine as a one left special price deal and we bought it a bit too quickly, without doing the 4k screen research!