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How to trim a closed surface?

Question asked by Tim Fromme on Jul 10, 2017

Hi All,


I have been trying to import a surface into solidworks using the CreateBSplineSurface method call in the API.  I have been able to get a test surface working in C#, however I have noticed that I need to add a trimming loop and create a trimmed surface for it to work.  The surfaces that I need to import are all closed, i.e. they do not have a clear beginning and end, such as a sphere.  Because a trimming loop is required for the surface to import, what paramaters should I give to it in order to not lose any of my surface?



It appears that I could also be creating this surface using IModeler::CreateBSplineSurface, and then CreateSheetFromSurface, however that asks for the UVRange, which I am unsure about; but the bigger problem is how I would add that body to the partdoc.  Currently, I am creating a body using partdoc.CreateNewBody(), then creating the surface within the body.  If I use the modeler instead, I don't know how to attach the body that CreateSheetFromSurface creates to the partdoc.