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How to get Addin to add multiple (different) macrofeatures?

Question asked by Jason Swackhamer on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Jason Swackhamer

Following the C# example "SwCSharpAddinMF", I can successfully add a macrofeature to part (works great), but cannot figure out how to add more than one. My plan is to have my addin add a sketch, then a macrofeature, then a cut extrude, and then a different macrofeature. Since they're different, they will require different regenerate and edit routines. However, we can't use different names for the regenerate and edit routines since the names are hard coded for Solidworks to reference.


Am I missing something? I tried setting up the macro feature and its routines in a separate class, but couldn't get it to generate (no crash, but "InsertMacroFeature3" returns null).


Is this even possible?


Thanks in advance,


-Jason S.