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highlighting wrong in Composer exported SVG

Question asked by Anthony Jones on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Philip Lumpp

Hi all,


When exporting an assembly with balloons to SVG, in Composer 2017 SP3, additional items are being highlighted when you hover over either the balloon or the component.


In the attached example, if you hover over item 10, items 40, 90 and 110 also highlight - which is obviously incorrect.


I have also seen this problem in 2017 SP4EV, and 2018 Beta1, however, in Composer 2017 SP2 the problem is not evident.


The problem has been reported with SPR 1034388 and has been escalated by my VAR and SOLIDWORKS Technical Support, but I cannot be the only customer who has this issue!


I would be extremely pleased to hear if anyone else has the same problems, and if so are willing to raise the fault with their VAR referencing the same SPR.