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Is there a better way to avoid circular references

Question asked by Peter Biggert on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

I have a gearbox assembly consisting of the housing parts, shaft assemblies, inspection plates, retaining plates, etc. that I want to put a lubrication subassembly into. I created a lubrication assembly and the first thing I did was insert the gearbox assembly so I can locate where the lubrication parts can be placed. To avoid circular referencing I added a configuration where the gearbox assembly is suppressed. This allows me to insert this configuration of the lubrication assembly into the original gearbox assembly.


However, if I have to make a change to the lubrication assembly and I activate the configuration to show the gearbox assembly, when I am done and save the file with the configuration with the gearbox suppressed I return to the gearbox assembly and find the lubrication subassembly has been suppressed. I think this is done to avoid circular references when I am working in the lubrication assembly with the gearbox unsuppressed.


Is there a workflow I can use that avoids this? Could I make the gearbox assembly an "envelope" part in my lubrication assembly? I have not used envelopes and there is not much in the help or tutorials explaining them. What are your thoughts?