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Photoworks materials

Question asked by 1-BS9STV on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2009 by Rob Rodríguez
First let me say I will be glad when they get Photoview 360 more advanced so it will be able to work with decals. It is more automatic than photoworks. Now, my questions in photoworks. I am helping a packaging engineer with some moch up renders. We are in the fence, post and rail business. He has a section of some railings and I have made a decal to show the name and picture of the product, on the back side I have a decal of the instructions to assemble it. Then I modeled the plastic wrap around this panel (as he wants it to look just like the real thing). But, the plast is so cloudy it is hard to see the product. Any suggestions to help with this?

Next, there is cardboard around the ends. What is the best material to use? I have use fabric, but the surface just doesn't look right.