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Question asked by Nigel Ball on Jul 7, 2017
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Why does Solidworks just have an inability to pretty much always work as it should, it pi$$ing me off!!


Yesterday I made a base model multi part and sent all of the parts out using the 'Save Bodies' method, something ive done 100's of times

After creating all of my individual parts, I then opened them all and updated the properties

Then, I created a drawing sheet for each part & assembly.

All was ok.

Turned off SW at the end of the day.




Open SW

Open Drawing sheets, notice that every single drawing view has a Build Error

Open main Assembly, notice that EVERY SINGLE PART also has a Build Error. WHY?

All Assemblies, Parts & Drawings reside in the same directory as the base model

The directory is included in my search paths

Why does SW randomly lose its ability to retain a reference?


SW Referencing.png



A very frustrated Nacho grrrrrrrr