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    BOM default settings and assembly options

    Mark Bradford

      Good morning,


      I have a couple of things I am running into when working with a BOM and auto ballooning a drawing for an assembly that contains sub assemblies.


      Item # 1

      Is it possible to set a default for when you use auto ballooning to use "Balloon Faces" instead of "Balloon Edges".

      Item # 2

      When I auto balloon an assembly that contains several sub-assemblies, and uncheck "ignore multiple instances" it will point to each sub-assembly, but will also balloon each of the sub components.

      Is there a way I can auto balloon all of the top level sub-assemblies without it ballooning the sub-components?




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          Newell Voss

          There is no option I am aware of for setting a default. The selection button is displayed on initial creation and shouldn't be difficult to set before adjusting your balloon layout.

          Selecting "top-level only" when creating your BOM should remove any numbered sub-asm components from the list.


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              Mark Bradford

              Thanks Newell.

              I do have it set on Top-level only already, and it works fine with default settings, however, when I deselect "ignore multiple instances", then all of the sub components get numbered as well.


              As far as the selection of the default button for edge vs faces ...  we see it there and can select it easily, however this is a setting that must be able to be set as default so that we don't have to change it each time.