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    Equation Driven Spline for Scaling Purposes

    Victor H.



      I am trying to sketch a fuselage for an aircraft and to easily create sub-sections I need a scalable profile sketch. So far, I have managed to relate the Height of the Fuselage to the Width; whenever I change the height, the width changes in relation to the height. I did that by using the equation tools available in SW17. However I am struggling to make the splines, the most outer part of the sketch, driven by the changes of height and width. It would be great if I could manage to "scale" the splines the same way that the "Offset Entities" command is able to. I'll attach a screenshot of my sketch, and the problem that occurs when I try to adjust the height.

      Thank you in advance,

      Victor H

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          Sachin Murigesh

          Hi Victor,

          When you are trying to "scale" the splines you are changing the location of spline points. This will create a new Spline (with different point location and same handle's parameters of previous spline). I don't think you can "scale" this way.


          One way is to use the offset entities command. Link the offset function to equations. Suppose your height is 20mm and want to increase height to 25mm just change the offset value in equations to 5mm. If you don't need the original spline down the Design Tree make it as construction line.


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            Rob Edwards

            Hi Victor


            few options for you


            If you want to use scaling you could say,, create a planar surface and scale that with the scale feature.

            Make your sketch into a block and scale that


            To scale a whole sketch you can insert a derived sketch and use the modify sketch tool


            All depends what works best for you and how you want to control it parametrically. 



            As an aside I used conics not splines here, they are pretty well behaved