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Can't turn off "Detach Segment on Drag" in sketches

Question asked by Justin Charron on Jul 7, 2017

As the title states, I can't turn off "Detach Segment on Drag" in sketches. I am using Solidworks 2016.


When I open a sketch and try to drag entities to resize them (as I could in any previous version of Solidworks), the entity instead detaches from whatever it was constrained to (and a popup appears to confirm this to which I click no). The only way for me to resize things is with dimensions now and that is not effective.


When I go to tools -> Sketch Settings it shows "Detach Segment on Drag" as not being selected, however the sketch still works as if it is. Turning this feature on does not appear to change anything, and if I exit the sketch and reenter it it goes back to showing as off in the menu while the behavior is still there.


Any help is appreciated.