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SW Property Tab Builder glitches/issue

Question asked by John Leigh on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by Sarah Dwight

Now I have been working with the property tab builder for a couple editions now and have found a couple issues/glitches that really should be addressed. If it has and there is a work around please let me know.

Let me start by explaining what we are attempting to accomplish. The part control section in the top portion of the below image is a radio that controls the option availability of the weight control section. If the detail option is on then weight and weight units is active. This is strictly to allow for a specific property box to be filled out on the detail drawing templates. Here is where it gets a little confusing. Because we use so many detail templates already we do not want to have an entire second set just for tabulated part files (design table driven files where the design table is shown on the drawing). Now we require an approximate net weight value to be calculated for each size variance so the weight must show in the design table but not in the standard weight block in the drawing. To do this we use the tabulated radio to enable the check box which then controls whether the weight property is inserted into a specific configuration. This is all easily done.




The issues arise in two locations.


One in the property tab builder itself.  As shown with the following pictures all I did was save and close out of the builder and reopen the file. The radio button automatically defaults back to 3. This should not occur. It makes me very concerned trying to use the radio functionality for any further use for fear of the situations where we need 4+ controls whether it will automatically revert to 3 any time you need to open and add or adjust a property.



As saved prior to closing


As reopened of exact same file


The second issue occurs in SW


As can be seen a new document opens without issue with the default settings where they should be. When you hit apply to put the property values into the appropriate locations not an issue.



Save and close the same file below is what the property tab defaults to.


The radio shifts to the Tabulated option which is not what should occur.



I love the property tab builder it makes input of basic information into files much simpler but these sort of glitches should not be occurring.


Another very minor issue the list function does not allow for a default option to be selected so you must always manually select something out of the list otherwise it reads blank.


I am working with my companies IT to reach out to our VAR to try to resolve some of this if possible, but any thoughts or comments on this definitely would be appreciated.