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why does visualize 2016 standard imports decals but I have to physically reapply and size them?

Question asked by Barry Howe on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Barry Howe

After importing a SolidWorks model into Visualize Standard 2016, the decals do appear in the Appearances tab, including multiple instances of decals that are used more than once.  However, no decals are mapped to any objects in the model.  I have to painstakingly reapply and size them.  This is impractical where, for example, I have an assembly of a bunch of batteries.  Each battery has a decal (in Solidworks).  My assembly includes dozens of batteries.  It is pretty much impossible to reapply the decal identically to each battery (not to mention the time!).  As a result, the decals don't line up when you have a row of batteries.  My workaround is to rotate camera to look down the row of batteries and tweak position of each one until they "appear" to be aligned.  There has to be a better way.

There are no import options under "Decals."  Is this normal behavior for Visualize 2016?  Why don't the decals remain attached to their components?  What am I doing wrong?

To make matters worse, since Standard lacks any config management, I am frequently re-importing the same model for different variations.  Then I have to deal with decals all over again every time.